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Dunn Entertainment disc jockey entertainers do more than just play music. They are also: Announcers, Masters of Ceremonies, Music Programmers, Audio Technicians, Lighting Technicians, Coordinators and are generally in charge of the flow of the evening to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Not everyone can successfully DJ a wedding reception. Most people do not have the music knowledge, sensitivity, technical, motivational, music programming or announcing skills to do a professional job.  Our DJs have all spent years honing their craft and have proved to more than proficient at their jobs.  Not only does Dunn Entertainment employ DJs who are highly professional, but they are also individuals who have the skills necessary to read an audience and respond or to move them emotionally.

The amount of hours that we are working for you is not just the time that they we performing. We spend time on event planning, any meetings that you may want, music research and acquisition, transportation to your event, set-up and tear down times and maintaining equipment to make sure there are no surprises on your very important day. In a 4 hour show, we may have upwards of 10 to 12 hours invested in your event.

#1 Fear in America                                                      Dancers
The number one fear in America today is public speaking, or getting up in front of large gatherings and talking on a microphone. Sound familiar? Not everyone can do, successfully, what our entertainers routinely do. This fact alone has an added value.

ToastWhat kind of music do you play?
That all depends on what you would like us to play! We have a “Wedding Planner” which is a worksheet that we work with you on to find out the best mix of music that will entertain your guests. We often reference the “Top 200 Hits” compiled by actual client requests.


How about Dinner Music, Additional Hours or Karaoke?

If you would like us to set up and play soft music during your dinner or add additional hours at the end of the evening because everyone is having a great time, we can certainly do that. The rates for these extra hours or services will vary slightly so be sure to ask for your quote.

Photo Booth


Photo booths are a great way to create lasting memories in picture form.  Dunn Entertainment now offers a state of the art photo booth that can print in either the traditional 3 photo strip format or a new, revolutionary flip book form.  You can choose what will fit your event better.

To see a video explaining the flip book photo booth, please click here.


If the investment for a disc jockey seems like a lot of money, see what other brides have said*:

  • 72% of all brides say they wished they would have spent more time choosing their reception entertainment.
  • Almost 100% say they regretted not spending more on their wedding reception entertainment.
  • During wedding planning, brides say their highest priority is their attire, followed by the reception site and caterer – reception entertainment is among the least of their priorities. Yet, within one week after their reception, 78% say they regret not making the entertainment their highest priority.
  • When asked, 81% of guests say that the entertainment is what they remember most about the reception they attended.

So what do you do from here?
The first step is to fill out our contact form to see if we have an opening for your special date and get a quote for the services that you want. If you decide to have us work with you on your wedding reception we would then send you an agreement, there will be a 20% deposit to secure the date with the balance due just before the wedding. We look forward to working with you!


*These statistics were published in St. Louis Bride & Groom Magazine in 2003. Sources include: Simmons, 2001; USA Today, 2002; National Bridal Service, 2001; The Knot, 2002; Brides Magazine, 2001.

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